17. Infantry Division Stip was formed in 1941 and consisted of 2 battalions of 13th Inf. Regiment, 1/3 Inf Battalion, 6th Divisional MG Battalion, 4/7 arty battalion and 1st mixed signal company. Part of 1. corps. Disbanded in  July 1942. Again formed in September 1943 in Shtip, Macedonia and consisted of 48th, 49th, 56th Infantry Regiments, 17th Divisional Arty Regiment, 17th Divisional Motorized platoon, 17th Divisional MG battalion, 17th Divisional ATG Battalion, 17th divisional Hospital. Stationed in Shtip as part of 5. Army. Fought against the Axis in September 1944. Disbanded on 28 October 1944.


Maj-General Boris Bogdanov (1941)
Maj-General Nikola Alexiev (1943)

Order of battle

48th Infantry Doyran Regiment
   Formed in September 1943 and stationed in Strumica with 1st battalion and Gevgeli with 2nd battalion, as well as 15th and 16th Border Guards units. Part of 17. Division of 5. Army.
   In September 1944 as part of 2. Cavalry Brigade fought against the Axis.
     Col. Nikola Sarafov (1943)
49th Infantry Kaliman Regiment
   Formed in October 1943 and stationed in Stip as part of 17. Division, 5. Army.
   Disbanded on 09 October 1944.
     Lt.-col. Georgi Tumangelov (1943)
     Col. Radi Balabanski (1944)
56th Infantry Veles Regiment
   Founded in September 1942 in Veles as part of 17. Division, 5. Army.
   Part of it in September 1944 joined the Macedonian partisans.
   Disbanded on 10 October 1944.
     Col. Lyuben Apostolov (1942)
     Col. Alexander Tzanev (1944)

Sources used

Research by Dimitar Boykov
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