Slaughterhouse: The Handbook of the Eastern Front
Keith E. Bonn (editor)

This book is the key to a more accurate, up-to-date and balanced picture of the Eastern Front. A team of top-grade experts including David Glantz have provided new info and insights and this has been synthesized with lists of all Axis and Soviet units, from divisions to army groups.

In figures the book has thumbnail histories of no less than 487 Axis army groups, armies, corps, and divisions that saw combat on the Eastern Front and 881 thumbnail histories of  Soviet directions, fronts, armies, corps, and divisions!
Then there are organizational diagrams of 55 types of Axis and Soviet divisions that served on the Eastern Front. Plus mini-biographies of the major commanders of the Eastern Front and performance data comparisons of hundreds of Axis and Soviet weapons.

In brief I find this book to be a true must for any serious Eastern Front researcher, especially if you are into strategy and/or unit research.
The book consists of 520 pages, supported by 88 photos; 9 maps; notes; and a 16 page bibliography.

(Reviewed by Lars Gyllenhaal)

The contributors in this book apart from the editor are David Glantz, Scott McMichael, Steve Myers, Hugh Foster, Marc Rikmenspoel, Mikko Härmeinen, Yuri and Natalya Khonko.

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