by Gareth Collins

Formed on 15 July 1941 and from November it operated in the English Channel, and after the Invasion of France in 1944 all boats were ordered destroyed. The Flotilla was re-stocked in July 1944 and from August it was again employed at the Gulf of Finland with its base in Helsinki, then Tallinn & Paldiski. After the evacuation of Finland on 15 September 1944 the base was moved back to Tallinn then from 20 September 1944 to Ventspils. From there the Flotilla operated at the island of Saaremaa, near Sõrve, Gulf of Riga & Gulf of Finland, later its base moved to Gotenhafen. At the turn of the year 1944/1945 it was transferred to Swinemünde then Den Helder. From there it was employed in mine & torpedo duties in the English Channel from the Humber & Thames Deltas. In April 1945 it was transferred over Kiel to Swinemünde then Bornholm with temporary bases in Denmark & Laboe and employed in the Baltic Sea. On 06 May 1945 it was again moved, from Bornholm to Liepāja. From there, on 8/9 May with members of Kurland-Armee, it moved to Geltinger Bay. After Germany's capitulation it was transferred to Flensburg then finally Mürwik.


Korvettenkapitän Bernd Klug (15 Jul 1941-00 Jun 1944)
Kapitänleutnant Kurt Johannsen (00 Jun 1944-14 Jun 1944)
Kapitänleutnant Hermann Holzapfel (01 Jul 1944-08 May 1945)

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