The Kosaken-Regiment 6 was an infantry regiment formed in the autumn of 1942. It was restructured in December 1942 as two separate battalions: Kosaken-Bataillone 622 and 623.


A facsimile of a German Panzerkampwagen III in white metal with a large golden letter “F” upon it was given by Oberstleutnant Ewert von Renteln to men of his Kosaken-Regiment 6 in recognition of their bravery in action against Red Army tanks. The unofficial badge was worn on the upper left sleeve above the regimental arm badge, a red shield with white outline. Photographic evidence suggests the badge continued to be worn throughout the evolution of the unit, from Kosaken-Regiment 6 to Kosaken-Bataillone 622 and 623 and ultimately by members of (Kosaken) Festungs-Grenadier-Regiment 360.

Soldiers of (Kosaken) Festungs-Grenadier-Regiment 360 in France 1944, note the unique sleeve insignia
inf-div-708-kosak-insignia1 inf-div-708-kosak-insignia2
(Courtesy of Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Germany)

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