Part of the "French Volunteers and Collaborationist Forces" series by Daniel Laurent

NSKK (= Nationalsocialistische Kraftfahrkorps) Motorgruppe Luftwaffe, a Luftwaffe logistic unit (drivers, engineers).
2,500 French men integrated since 21st July 1942 to form the 4th NSKK regiment in Vilvorde, Belgium. NSKK Rgt 4 is monitored by Alsacian Volkdeutsche NCO and is first affected to the eastern front (Luftgau Rostov/Don) early 1943.
In 1944, the French of the NSKK are formed Kampfgruppen and are fighting the guerillas in Northern Italy and Croatia. Some are sent in Hungary and finally Austria against the Red Army. The son of Philippe Henriot, a prominent French collaborationist, is with them.
In July 1943, 30 young NSKK, lead by Jean-Marie Balestre, desert and join the Waffen SS.
All, NSKK and Waffen SS will fight till the end in their units.
Their complete history is still to be written.