The 164. Leichte Afrika Division was formed from Festungs-Division Kreta and arrived in Africa in July 1942 and was sent to the front to relieve 90. Leichte Afrika-Division. It first saw action against Australian troops at El Alamein and its first major engagement came with the Allied offensive of El Alamein. It suffered heavy losses during the retreat and its were distributed among the Panzer-Divisionen.

It was stationed in Tripoli for refitting until December when it was sent to Buerat to build defense installations. When the allied attacked the Mareth line it was attached to the Italian XXI. Korps and in the attack it lost all its transport and two battalions.
It surrendered in Tunisia on 13 May 1943.


Generalleutnant Josef Folttmann (18 July 1942 - 10 Aug 1942)
Generalleutnant Carl-Hans Lungershausen (10 Aug 1942 - 15 Jan 1943)
Generalmajor Kurt Freiherr von Liebenstein (15 Jan 1943 - 12 May 1943)

Operations Officers (Ia)

Oberst Arthur Markert (15 Aug 1942-Jan 1943)
Major Richard Feige (Jan 1943-May 1943)

Area of operations

North Africa (July 1942 - May 1943)

Holders of high awards

Holders of the German Cross in Gold  (3)
- Haack, Christoph, 10.05.1943, Rittmeister, Pz.Aufkl.Abt. 164
- Hübner, Alois, 21.01.1943, Oberfeldwebel, 1./Pz.Gren.Rgt. 125
- Markert, Arthur, 10.05.1943, Oberst i.G., Ia 164. le.Afrika-Div.
Holders of the Knight's Cross (2)
- Liebenstein Freiherr von, Kurt 10.05.1943 Generalmajor Kdr 164. lei. Afrika-Div
- Gruber, Helmut 15.01.1943 Oberleutnant d.R. Adjutant II./Pz.Gren.Rgt 125

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Reference material on this unit

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