On this page I have included some of the most frequent questions I recieve about this site and myself along with a brief reply.

Who is behind Axis History Factbook & Forum?
Axis History Factbook & Skalman.nu are basically one-man project by myself, Marcus Wendel, but it would not be anything close to what it is today without the help of many others especially those helping out as parts of the AHF Factbook Staff and AHF Forum Staff.

It began in 1994 with a collection of links to policial sites (that part of the site is long since closed down) on skalman.nu, and it has since evolved into the present shape.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
I was born in 1973 and live in southern Sweden. I have studied Economics, Economic History and Political Science at the University of Lund and now that I have left for the "real world" I work as a computer technician.

Most of my spare time (something that my girlfriend sometimes is not too happy about) is spent either reading books (gathering information for) or working on my site.

Are you a Nazi?
No! Many people seem to think that everyone with an interest in WW2 Germany is a nazi, but I am not a nazi, racist, anti-semite etc.

Why have you made these pages?
I have made these pages because I have a great interest in history in general (and the Axis nations of World War II in particular).

These pages also enable people to learn more about various periods of our history, something I feel is very important.

Through these pages I have also come into contact with a lot of different people who share my interest and am happy to say that I have also gained friends this way.

Why Skalman?
Skalman is the name of a Swedish comic book character (created by Rune Andréasson) who always seems to have the answer (or invention) for every occasion and always remains "cool".

I chose that name because I always liked the character and also because it was my nickname while I was doing my military service in the Swedish Air Force.

Can you help me with information on...?
I might be able to help you with information on the topic covered on my pages, but the best way to get help is to post your question in the message forum, that way both I and the other people frequenting the forum can help you.

How can I support AHF?
Your support is greatly appreciated and indeed needed. Check out the support page under "About AHF" above for details on how to help.

Do you want more information on...?
I am always interested in more information on the topics I write about, so please contact me if you want to contribute information.

Can I use text/images from your site?
If you want to use any images or text from this site, please ask me for permission before taking them!

Can I add a link to your site?
Yes of course, but please don't link to my site within your frames.

Do you have any banners I can use to link to your site?