The Aufklärungsabteilung/SS-VT was formed in June 1939 from SS-Kradschützen-Bataillon II. It took part in the invasion of Poland attached to Panzer-Division Kempf and following that campaign it was used to form SS-Division Verfügungstruppe (later renamed Das Reich).

A Motorized Reconnaissance Detachment in the Polish Campaign by SS-Sturmbannführer Dr.Ing. Wim Brandt.


SS-Sturmbannführer Hans von Wangenheim
SS-Sturmbannführer Dr.Ing. Wim Brandt

Order of battle

1. Kradschützen-Kompanie
2. Kradschützen-Kompanie

Notable members

Dr Wilhelm "Wim" Brandt (Inventor of the Waffen-SS camouflage clothing)

Sources used

Andrew Mollo - Uniforms of the SS: Collected Edition
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Reference material on this unit

Otto Weidinger - Das Reich I