15. Infantry Division Ohrid was formed on 28 July 1941 as part of 5. Army. HQ in Bitola. Consisted of 45th, 54th, 55th Infantry Regiments, 15th Divisional Arty REgiment, 15th Engineer Battalion, 15th Anti-tank battalion, 10th and 11th border guard units, 15th divisional hospital, 15th Rear Battalion. In September 1944 fought German forces in Macedonia. Retreated to Bulgaria and disbanded on 30 September 1944.


Col. Nikola Boev (28 June 1941 - 04 June 1942)
Col. Ivan Marinov (18 June 1942 - 03 Sep 1944)
Col. Dimitar Mladenov (04 Sep 1944 - 05 Oct 1944)

Order of battle

45th Infantry Chegan Regiment
   Mobilized in 1942 and sent to Prilep, Macedonia as part of 15th Division.
   Disbanded on 21 October 1944.
     Lt.-Col. Todor Hristov (1943)
     Lt.-Col. Coko Penchevski (1944)
54th Infantry Bitola Regiment
   Formed on 03 March 1943.
   Disbanded in October 1944
     Col. Alexander Tzanev
55th Infantry Ohrid Regiment
   Formed in September 1942.
   On 09 September 1944 captured by the Germans in Bitola.
     Col. Ivan Magerov (1941-1943)
     Col. Nikola Drenski (1943-1944)

Sources used

Research by Dimitar Boykov
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