The Militärakademie Friedrich Engels was officially founded on 5 January 1959 in Dresden from the basis of the former Hochschule für Offiziere of the NVA. The school had previously been known as the Hochschule für Offiziere of the KVP. Oberst Wilhelm Adam, the former adjutant of the 6. Armee at Stalingrad, commanded the school from 1953-1958.
The Militärakademie Friedrich Engels was the highest institution of military education in the German Democratic Republic.

Kommandeur (Chef from 1 Sep 1970) der Militärakademie Friedrich Engels

Generalmajor Heinrich Dollwetzel (1 Oct 1958-30 Sep 1959)
Generalmajor Fritz Johne (1 Oct 1959-31 May 1963)
Generalmajor Heinrich Heitsch (1 June 1963-30 Apr 1964)
Generalmajor Hans Wiesner (1 May 1964-10 Dec 1986)
Generalleutnant Manfred Gehmert (11 Dec 1986-28 Feb 1990)
Generalleutnant Hans Süß (1 Mar 1990-30 Sep 1990)
Oberst Gerhard Kolitsch (1 Oct 1990-2 Oct 1990)

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