Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk

Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Airborne Museum Hartenstein

Utrechtseweg 232
Oosterbeek, Netherlands

Arnhems Oorlogsmuseum 40-45

Kemperbergerweg 780
6816 RX Arnhem


Pelikaanweg 50
8218 PG Lelystad Airport
Includes a V-1 flying bomb and a CASA 325L (license build Ju52) painted in Luftwaffe livery.


Breda, Netherlands
Panther D on display in the Wilhelminapark

Bunker Museum IJmuiden

Badweg 38
IJmuiden, the Netherlands

Kazemattenmuseum Kornwerderzand

Kornwerderzand, Netherlands


(Army Museum)
Korte Geer 1
2611 CA Delft, Netherlands

Militaire Luchtvaart Museum

(Military Aviation Museum)
Kamp van Zeist 2-4
3769 DL Soesterberg
Includes Dornier Do-24, however it is painted in Netherlands Airforce livery.

Overloon Museum / Liberty Park

Museumpark 1
Overloon, Netherlands
Photos from the museum
The museum is about the counter attack that de Germans did in the late 1944 in the Dutch territory "De Peel" in the southern part of Holland. "De Peel" is a part from the provinces Noord Brabant and Limburg.
Includes Molch and Biber mini-submarines.

Stichting Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen


Wings of Liberation

Sonseweg 39
Best, Netherlands

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