This is a (hopefully) complete list of the machine guns used by the Wehrmacht, compiled by Rick vb.

le. = leichte (light)
s. = schwere (heavy)

German/Austrian made
MG 08 Maxim - caliber 7.92mm, rpm 300-450; none produced in WWII
MG 13 - caliber 7.92mm, rpm 550; none produced in WWII, used at beginning of war and by Volksturm, reserve units
MG 15 - (used by Luftwaffe) caliber 7.92mm, rpm 1200; 17,648 produced
MG 17 -(used by Luftwaffe) caliber 7.92mm, rpm 1200; 24,217 produced
MG 34 - caliber 7.92mm, rpm 800-900; 354,020 produced
MG 34/41 - caliber 7.92mm, rpm 1200; 1,700 produced
MG 30 - caliber 7.92mm, rpm 800; 10,000 produced
MG 42 - caliber 7.92mm, rpm 1200; 414,964 produced
MG 81 -(used by Luftwaffe) caliber 7.92mm, rpm 1600; 46,000 produced
MG 131 - (used by Luftwaffe) caliber 13mm, rpm 930; 144,124 produced
MG 151 - (used by Luftwaffe) caliber 15mm, rpm 750; 249,649 produced (includes 20mm version)

le. Machinengewehr 26 (t) (ex Czechoslovakian Z.B. 26) caliber 7.92mm
le. Machinengewehr 28 (p) (ex Polish wz. 28 Browning Automatic Rifle) caliber 7.9mm
le. Machinengewehr 30 (t) (ex Czechoslovakian Z.B. 30) caliber 7.92mm
le. Machinengewehr 099 (i) (ex Italian MO. 30 Breda) caliber 6.5mm
le. Machinengewehr 100 (h) (ex Dutch M. 20 Lewis gun) caliber 6.5mm
le. Machinengewehr 120 (r) (ex Russian DP-27) caliber 7.62mm
le. Machinengewehr 127 (b) (ex Belgian Mle. 30 Browning Automatic Rifle)
le. Machinengewehr 138 (e) (ex British Bren) caliber 7.7mm
le. Machinengewehr 156 (f) (ex French Chauchat) (used only by Polizei) caliber 8mm
le. Machinengewehr 158 (d) (ex Danish Madsen) caliber 7.92mm
s.Machinengewehr 30(p) (ex Polish wz. 30 water-cooled M1917 Browning) caliber 7.9mm
s. Machinengewehr 37 (t) (ex Czechoslovakian Z.B. 37) caliber 7.92mm
s. Machinengewehr 216 (r) (ex Russian Maxim) caliber 7.62mm
s. Machinengewehr 218 (r) (ex Russian DS) caliber 7.62mm
s. Machinengewehr 230 (e) (ex British Vickers) caliber 7.7mm
s. Machinengewehr 242 (h) (ex Dutch M. 08/13 Schwarlose) caliber 7.92mm
s. Machinengewehr 256 (f) (ex French Saint Etienne Mle. 07/15)
s. Machinengewehr 257 (f) (ex French Mle. 14 Hotchkiss) caliber 8mm
s. Machinengewehr 255 (i) (ex Italian Fiat-Revelli MO. 35) caliber 8mm
s. Machinengewehr 259 (i) (ex Italian MO. 37 Breda) caliber 8mm
Mle. 31 * - caliber 7.5mm

* German designation not known

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