The 101. Motorized Division Trieste formed in 1939 from 8. Infantry Division Po and was mobilized in 1940. It was held in reseve in Italy until the summer of 1941 with the exception of the artillery regiment that was sent to Albania.
In August 1941 it was sent to Libya where it became part of XX Motorised Army Corps, together with 132. Armoured Division Ariete. It fought in North Africa until the surrender in May 1943. The division participated in the defense against Operation Crusader, the January 1941 counter-offensive, the Gazala battle in 1942, and the battle of El Alamein.


Lieutenant-General Emilio Garavelli (1 Apr 1941 - 9 Aug 1939)
Major General Vito Ferroni (10 Aug 1939 - 9 Sep 1940)
Lieutenant-General Alessandro Piazzoni (10 Sep 1940 - 10 Dec 1941)
Lieutenant-General Arnaldo Azzi (11 Dec 1941 - 29 July 1942)
Major General Francesco La Ferla (30 July 1942 - 13 May 1943)
Major-General Francesco Ronco (1943) (acting)

Order of battle (May 1942)

65. Valtellina Infantry Regiment
66. Valtellina Infantry Regiment
8. Bersaglieri Armored Car Battalion
21. Po Artillery Regiment (mot)
11. Medium Tank Battalion
101. Anti-Tank Battalion
32. Mixed Engineer Battalion (mot)
90. Medical Section
80. Heavy Motor Transport Section
176. Supply Section
22. Carabinieri Section

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

Salvatore Loi - Aggredisci e vincerai: Storia della divisione motorizzata Trieste

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