Bi-plane of the Slovakian Air Force
(Courtesy of David Vercruysse)

LT vz. 34 during maneuver. These tanks were regarded as obsolete and seldom left the garage.
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

LT vz. 40 after delivery. These tanks were originally built for the Lithuanian army.
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

LT vz. 38 and LT vz. 35 under maintenance at the military installation in Martin, 1941.
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

This is one of three OA vz. 27 heavy armored cars used by Slovakian forces, 1941
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

LT vz. 38 #V-3006 has received a hit from a 45mm anti-tank gun, killing the entire crew, during an attack aganst a Soviet pillbox at Zaluze, June 27th 1941.

(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

LT vz. 35 entering Vinnitsa, July 1941
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

The last LT vz. 38 #V-3015 which survived the "Fast Brigade's" retreat to Crimea, spring 1943
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

One of 16 PzKpfw. II bought from Germany in late 1943, they replaced OA vz. 30 armored cars of recce units.
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

Five PzKpfw. III Ausf. N medium tanks were acquired in 1943.
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

Wreck of SdKfz. 138 Marder III Ausf. H destroyed near Priekopa. About 25 vehicles had been acquired.

(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

Captured PzKpfw. 38(t) in service with at the time single tank unit in Slovakia, the tank platoon subordinated to the Precident's palace in Bratislava, Winter 1944/45.
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

OA vz. 30 light armored cars of the "Fast Brigade" in Soviet Union, June 1941. The two of three vehicles belong to a cavalry reconnaissance unit.

(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

Slovakian troops with an abandonded Soviet T-35
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

Slovakian artillery observation on the Eastern front
(Courtesy of PJ)

LT vz. 35 #13.819 has fallen from a bridge during a maneuver near Turciany, Summer 1940.
(Courtesy of Thorleif Olsson)

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