1. Rumania Mare Armored Division was formed 17 April 1941 from 1. Armored Regiment and 2. Armored Regiment.
It was the first Romanian unit to take part in the invasion of the USSR, though the 2. Armored Regiment was detached because its tanks (Renault R-35) could not keep up with the advance. It was refitted during 1942 and later fought near Stalingrad suffering very heavy losses before being sent back to Romania to be rebuilt.
It spent 1943 and 1944 being refitted as well as training with other parts of the Romanian army until it was reestablished as a division in April 1944 and given the honor title Rumania Mare (Great Romania). It returned east to fight the Red Army and continued to do so until the Romanian defection of the Axis camp in August 1944.

Order of battle (July 1941)

- Signals Company
- Motorcycle Messenger Company
- Military Police Platoon
1. Armored Regiment
- 2 x Battalion
2. Armored Regiment
- 2 x Battalion
Reconnaissance Group
- Motorcycle Company
- Armored Car Company
- Heavy Company (mot)
-- Signals Platoon
-- Engineer Platoon
-- Anti-tank Platoon
Motorcycle Battalion
- 2 x Motorcycle Company
- Motorcycle Machine Gun Company
3. Jäger Regiment (mot)
- 2 x Battalion
4. Jäger Regiment (mot)
- 2 x Battalion
Anti-Tank Company
Flak Company
Engineer Battalion
- 2 x Company
1. Artillery Regiment (mot)
- 3 x Battalion
Fuel Column (mot)
Maintenance Column
Munitions Column
Medical Column
Administration Squadron
Truck Column

Order of battle (Aug 1944)

1. Armored Regiment
- Staff Company
- Armored Battalion
-- Staff Company
-- 2 x Armored Company
-- Tank Destroyer Company
- Armored Battalion
-- Staff Company
-- Armored Company
-- Tank Destroyer Company
- Amored Infantry Battalion
Reconnaissance Battalion
Engineer Battalion (mot)
- 2 x Company (mot)
Infantry Regiment (mot)
- Staff
- 3 x Battalion
-- 3 x Company (mot)
-- Heavy Company
- Heavy Support Company (mot)
-- Mortar Platoon
-- Anti-Tank Platoon
- Anti-Tank Company (mot)
Anti-Aircraft Company (mot)
Artillery Regiment (mot)
- Staff
- 2 x Battalion
-- 3 x Battery
Anti-Tank Battalion (mot)
- Staff
- 2 x Company (mot)
- Self Propelled Anti-Tank Company
Signals Battalion
Service Units

Notable members

Ion Dumitru (usually credited with 10+ destroyed tanks but the exact number is unknown)

Sources used

George F. Nafziger - Rumanian Order of Battle in World War II

Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -

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