The below table lists the losses suffered by the Romanian forces in the war against the USSR.

Note that there were approximately 130.000 Romanian soldiers taken POWs by the Red Army after 23 August 1944, when practically Romania and the Soviet Union were not at war anymore. They were not released after 12 September, when the armistice has been signed, as it would have been normal, but only several years after. This probably happened because a stronger Romanian Royal Army wasn't included in the aims of the Soviet leadership, as seen in the following years, when the Royal army was practically destroyed, in order to be replaced with a new People's Army.

Killed in action
Officers NCO Soldiers Total
Army 2.926 1.656 65.824 70.406
Air Force 175 157 640 972
Navy 12 10 185 207
Grand total 71.585
Wounded in action
Officers NCO Soldiers Total
Army 8.213 4.831 229.088 242.132
Air Force 123 124 920 1.167
Navy 23 28 272 323
Grand total 243.622
Missing in action
Officers NCO Soldiers Total
Army 5.916 5.538 296.022 307.476
Air Force 101 98 639 838
Navy 25 34 1.160 1.219
Grand total 309.533

Sources used
Source: Armata Romana in al doilea razboi mondial, Meridiane, Bucharest 1995

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