The 131. Armored Division Centauro (131. Divisione Corazzata Centauro) was formed 20 April 1939 from 1. Armored Brigade (1. Brigata Corazzata) and fought in Albania, Greece and Yugoslavia before returning to Italy.
It was sent to North Africa in August 1942 and the remains on the unit surrendered May 1943.

Order of battle (Nov 1942)

31. Tank Regiment
-   13. Armored Battalion
-   14. Armored Battalion
-   15. Armored Battalion
5. Bersaglieri Infantry Regiment
-   14. Bersaglieri Motorized Battalion
-   22. Bersaglieri Motorized Battalion
-   24. Bersaglieri Motorized Battalion
-   5. Bersaglieri Motorcycle Company
-   22. Motorized Infantry Support Battalion
131. Artillery Regiment
31. Motorized Engineer Battalion
Motorized Anti-Tank Battalion
Armored Car Battalion

Sources used

George F. Nafziger - Italian Order of Battle: An organizational history of the Italian Army in World War II (3 vol)
John Joseph Timothy Sweet - Iron Arm: The Mechanization of Mussolini's Army, 1920-1940
Unit insignia illustration courtesy of Wikimedia

Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -

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