Ansaldo CV-33 1
Ansaldo CV-35 150
Ansaldo CV-35 flamethrower 1
Hetzer 75 (approx.)
Hotchiss H-35/H-39 15
Landsverk L-60 1
Landsverk L-62 1
Marder II 5
Panzer I A 2
Panzer I B 8
Panzer III M 10-12
Panzer III N 10
Panzer IV F1 22
Panzer IV F2/G 10
Panzer IV H 72 (approx.)
Panzer V G 7 (approx.)
Panzer VI E 10
Somua S-35 2
Stug III G 50
T-38 G 108

Vehicles taken over from the Polish forces that retreated into Hungary in September 1939

Renault R-35 3
TK-3/TKS 15-20


Vehicles captured from the Czechoslovakian forces in border clashes

T-11/LT vz. 35 2
Tatra OA vz. 30 A. C. 1


Vehicles captured from the Soviet Red Army

BA-6 4-6
M3 Stuart 4
T-27 10 (approx.)
T-26, BT-7 6+
T-34/76, T-34/85 10+


Sources used

Csaba Becze - Magyar Steel

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