The 3. Kavallerie-Division was formed June 1920 and was used to form 1. Panzer-Division in 1935.


Generalleutnant Heinrich von Hofmann (1 June 1920 - 1 Oct 1920)
Generalleutnant Johannes Koch (1 Oct 1920 - 16 June 1921)
Generalleutnant Eginhard Eschborn (16 June 1921 - 30 Sep 1923)
General der Kavallerie Paul Hasse (1 Oct 1923 - 28 Feb 1926)
Generalleutnant Hans von Viereck (1 Mar 1926 - 1 Mar 1929)
Generalleutnant Curt Freiherr von Gienanth (1 Mar 1929 - 1 Nov 1931)
Generalmajor Wilhelm Knochenhauer (1 Nov 1931 - 1 Dec 1933)

Order of battle

13. (Preußisches) Reiter-Regiment
14. Reiter-Regiment
15. Reiter-Regiment
16. Reiter-Regiment
17. (Bayerisches) Reiter-Regiment
18. (Sächisches) Reiter-Regiment

Notable members

Ewald von Kleist (Reached the highest rank in the German Army, Generalfeldmarschall, in 1943)
Horst Niemack (Post-war Brigadegeneral d.R. in the West German Bundeswehr, chairman of the German Olympic Committee, part of the German equestrian Olypmics team four times post-war)
Gerd von Rundstedt (Reached the highest rank in the German Army, Generalfeldmarschall, in 1940)
Max Simon (Served in Reiter-Regiment 16, later corps-commander in the Waffen-SS)
Herbert Vahl (Served in Reiter-Regiment 16, later division-commander in the Waffen-SS)
Maximilian Reichsfreiherr von Weichs (Reached the highest rank in the German Army, Generalfeldmarschall, in 1943)
Joachim Ziegler (Served in Reiter-Regiment 15, later division-commander in the Waffen-SS)

Reichswehr cavalry in 1930 during a parade for President Paul von Hindenburg
(Courtesy of Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Germany)

Memorial to the Reiter-Regiment 18 in Stuttgart
(Courtesty of Milgesch)

Sources used

Andris J. Kursietis - Between Kaiser and Führer: The history of the German Army 1919-1933
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Mark C. Yerger - Waffen-SS Commanders: The army, corps and divisional leaders of a legend (2 vol)

Reference material on this unit

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