The 12. verstärkte Polizei-Panzer-Kompanie was formed in January 1943 and was assigned to Höhere SS und Polizeiführer Rußland-Mitte.
It was redesignated 12. Polizei-Panzer-Kompanie in November 1944 and assigned to Höhere SS und Polizeiführer Ungarn. It was destroyed in the fighting around Budapest in early 1945.

Order of battle (January 1943)

Gruppe Führer
- 1. Zug Pzkw (3 x Panzerkraftwagen russisch)
- 2. Zug Pzkw (3 x Panzerkraftwagen russisch)
- 3. Zug K-Pzkw (5 x Ketten-Panzerkraftwagen russisch and III)
- 4. Zug K-Pzkw (5 x Ketten-Panzerkraftwagen russisch)

Order of battle (November 1944)

Gruppe Führer (Ketten-Panzerkraftwagen M15, StuG M42)
- 1. Zug K-Pzkw (5 x Ketten-Panzerkraftwagen M15)
- 2. Zug (4 x StuG M42)
- 3. Zug (4 x StuG M42)

Sources used

Phil Nix & George Jerome - The Uniformed Police Forces of the Third Reich 1933-1945
Werner Regenberg - Armored Vehicles and Units of the German Order Police

Reference material on this unit

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