The Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 Immelmann was redesignated Schlachtgeschwader 2 Immelmann in October 1943.

In the present day Luftwaffe, the honour title Immelmann lives on with Aufklärungsgeschwader 51 Immelmann.


Oberstleutnant Oskar Dinort (15 Oct 1939 - 15 Oct 1941)
Oberstleutnant Paul-Werner Hozzel (15 Oct 1941 - 13 Feb 1943)
Oberstleutnant Dr. Ernst Kupfer (13 Feb 1943 - 9 Sep 1943)
Oberstleutnant Hans-Karl Stepp (9 Sep 1943 - 18 Oct 1943)

Notable members

Hans-Ulrich Rudel (Usually credited with 2000 destroyed targets, including 519 tanks, 150 artillery guns, 800 other vehicles and even a battleship, two cruisers and destroyer but these figures are not confirmed, the only recipient of the Knight's Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds)


The "Geschwader Immelmann" cuff title was authorized for this unit on 18 April 1935.

Sources used

Research by Gareth Collins
Gordon Williamson & Thomas McGuirl - German military cuffbands 1784-present

Reference material on this unit

Holger Nauroth - Stukageschwader 2 Immelmann

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