Reichsmarschall No equivalent
Generalfeldmarschall General (5 star)
Generaloberst General
General der Flieger (etc) Lt General
Generalleutnant Major General
Generalmajor Brigadier General
Oberst Colonel
Oberstleutnant Lt Colonel
Major Major
Hauptmann Captain
Oberleutnant 1st Lieutenant
Leutnant 2d Lieutenant
Stabsfeldwebel Sergeant Major
Oberfähnrich No equivalent
Oberfeldwebel Master sergeant
Feldwebel Technical sergeant
Fähnrich No equivalent
Unterfeldwebel Staff sergeant
Unteroffizier Sergeant
Hauptgefreiter Senior Corporal
Obergefreiter Corporal
Gefreiter Acting Corporal
Flieger Private

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