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Formed in Neustadt in Holstein in June 1940. It was formed for the supervision tasks (mine launching supervision etc) and sea rescue tasks in German and Danish waters. At the start of the preparations for Unternehmens Seelöwe the Abteilung was moved to Emden with the task of preparation, distribution and advance settlement of motor-boats and trawlers in the Channel ports of Ostend to Le Havre. In autumn of 1940 it was moved to Amsterdam for Unternehmens Seelöwe tasks. In addition the training services the Abteilung was used for harbour protection and river security services. It was technically subordinate to OKM and for disciplinary matters it was subordinate to the 2. Admiral der Ostsee while in Neustadt, 2. Admiral der Nordsee while in Emden and the Marinebefehlshaber in den Niederlande while in Amsterdam. In April 1942 it was re-designated Ausbildungsabteilung Amsterdam.


Korvettenkapitän Gustav Strempel (00 Jun 1940-00 Dec 1941)
Korvettenkapitän der Reserve Wilhelm Reuter (00 Jan 1942-00 Apr 1942)

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