The Sonderverband 287 (also known as the Deutsch-Arabische Legion) was formed by Sonderstab F on 4 August 1942. It was included Arab volunteers and part of it was transferred to North Africa while the rest was transferred to the southern sector of the Eastern Front. It was redesignated Grenadier-Regiment 92 (mot) on 2 May 1943.

Order of battle

I. Bataillon
II. Bataillon (from 22 Oct 1942)
III. Bataillon (Deutsche-Arabische Lehr Abteilung) (from 22 Oct 1942)
Sturmgeschütz-Batterie 287
Sturmgeschütz-Batterie 659 (from 15 Aug 1942)
Werfer-Batterie 287
Nachrichten-Abteilung (mot) 287
leichte Pionier-Kompanie 287
Nachschubführer 287
Versorgungs-Einheiten 287


The unit had a special insignia showing a palm tree, a rising sun and a swastika.

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Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -

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