The Panzer-Division Feldherrnhalle (also known as Panzer-Division Feldherrnhalle 1) was formed from Panzergrenadier-Division Feldherrnhalle in November 1944. It was destroyed near Budapest in January 1945 and was reformed in February 1945.


Generalmajor Günther Pape (27 Nov 1944 - 8 May 1945)

Area of operations

Hungary (Nov 1944 - Feb 1945)
Austria (Feb 1945 - May 1945)

Honor title

The Feldherrnhalle units received the honor title because of the initially high number of volunteers from the SturmAbteilung (SA).

Holders of high awards

Holders of the German Cross in Gold (4)
- Krämer, Gabriel, 09.02.1945, Oberleutnant d.R., 9./Art.Rgt. “FHH”
- Rutzke, Paul, 23.02.1945, Hauptmann d.R., Gren.Rgt. (mot.) “FHH”
- Sander, Friedrich, 13.01.1945, Major, Pz.Jäg.Abt. “FHH”
- Weltner, Andreas, 07.01.1945, Feldwebel, 2./Pz.Jäg.Abt. “FHH”
Holders of the Honor Roll Clasp of the Heer (3)
- Büchner, Willy, 05.02.1945, Oberleutnant, 2./Pz.Pi.Btl. “FHH”
- Hoffmann, Karl, 05.02.1945, Unteroffizier, 2./Pz.Abt. “FHH”
- Kempny, Walter, 05.02.1945, Oberfeldwebel, 1./Gren.Rgt. (mot.) “FHH”
Holders of the Knight's Cross (7, including one unofficial/unconfirmed)
- Bunge, Hellmut 01.02.1945 Hauptmann Führer II./Pz.Gren.Rgt „Feldherrnhalle“
- Fernau, Hans-Georg 04.05.1945 Hauptmann Kdr I./Gren.Rgt (mot) "FHH"
-- [awarded 10.06.1945 by OB Süd , General Westphal ; backdated -> 01.05.1945 ; copy of award document is at the Bundesarchiv ; award date determined as on "04.05.1945" by the OdR ; illegal award according to V.S.]
- Hamel, Heinz 14.02.1945 Oberleutnant d.R. Führer 5./Gren.Rgt „Feldherrnhalle“
- Raeder, Kurt 21.01.1945 Oberleutnant d.R. Führer I./Gren.Rgt (mot) „Feldherrnhalle“
- Stiegler, Johann 01.02.1945 Oberfeldwebel Zugführer i. d. Pz.Jäg.Abt „FHH“
- Ulrich, Emil 07.02.1945 Unteroffizier Gruppenführer i. d. 5./Gren.Rgt „Feldherrnhalle“
- Wolff, Joachim-Helmut 21.01.1945 Oberstleutnant Kdr Gren.Rgt „Feldherrnhalle“

Order of battle

Panzer-Regiment Feldherrnhalle 1
Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment Feldherrnhalle 1
Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment Feldherrnhalle 1
Aufklärungs-Abteilung Feldherrnhalle 1
Heeres-Flak-Artillerie-Abteilung Feldherrnhalle 1
Panzerjäger-Abteilung Feldherrnhalle 1
Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon Feldherrnhalle 1
Panzer-Nachrichten-Kompanie Feldherrnhalle 1


The "Feldherrnhalle" cuff title was authorized for this unit to illustrate the connections with the SA-Standarte Feldherrnhalle.
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The Feldherrnhalle Kampfrune was authorized for use on the shoulder boards in June 1943.
Photo © Relics of the Reich

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Reference material on this unit

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