The 3. Leichte-Division was formed in Cottbus on 10 November 1938. It took part in the invasion of Poland with XV Korps. The Panzer-Abteilung 67 was the first front-line unit to be equipped with the Czech-made Panzer 38(t) tanks and when it crossed the Polish border it had a total of 59 such tanks.
It was reorganized and redesignated 8. Panzer-Division on 16 October 1939.


Generalleutnant Adolf Kuntzen (10 Nov 1938-16 Oct 1939)

Operations Officers (Ia)

Oberstleutnant Harald Freiherr von Elverfeldt (10 Nov 1938 - 16 Oct 1939)

Area of operations

Poland (Sep 1939 - Oct 1939)

Order of battle

Kavallerie-Schützen-Regiment 8
Kavallerie-Schützen-Regiment 9
Aufklärungs-Regiment 8
Panzer-Abteilung 67
Artillerie-Regiment 80
Panzerabwehr-Abteilung 43
Pionier-Bataillon 59
Divisions-Nachrichten-Abteilung 84
Infanterie-Divisions-Nachschubführer 59

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Reference material on this unit

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