The Division Von Broich (also known as Schützen-Brigade von Broich) was formed 15 November 1942 from Ortskommandantur II./960 and controlled a mix of Heer, Luftwaffe and Italian troops. It took part in the first clash between German and US armor during the war.
It was redesignated Division von Manteuffel in February 1943.


Generalleutnant Friedrich Freiherr von Broich (10 Nov 1942 - 5 Feb 1943)
General der Panzertruppen Hasso von Manteuffel (5 Feb 1943 - 11 Feb 1943)

Area of operations

North Africa (Nov 1942 - Feb 1943)

Order of battle

Barenthin Fallschirmjäger Regiment (mot) (Luftwaffe)
T3 Infantry Battalion
2. Artillery Regiment (mot)
Reconnaissance Company (mot)
11. Fallschirmjäger Battalion (mot) (Luftwaffe)
190. Armored Signals Platoon (mot)
10. (Italian) Bersaglieri Regiment
- Anti-Tank Platoon (mot)
- XVI Infantry Battalion
- XXXIV Infantry Battalion
- LXIII Infantry Battalion
- Flamethrower Company
- Mortar Company
- Machine Gun Company
Flak Platoon (mot) (Luftwaffe)
Motorcycle Messenger Platoon
215. Maintenance Platoon

Sources used

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Gordon Williamson - Afrikakorps 1941-43

Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -

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