The XXXVI Gebirgs-Armeekorps was formed in Norway in November 1941 from Höheres Kommando XXXVI.


General der Infanterie Karl Weisenberger (30 Nov 1941 - 10 Aug 1944)
General der Gebirgstruppen Emil Vogel (10 Aug 1944 - 8 May 1945)

Area of operations

Finland (Nov 1941 - Sep 1944)
Norway (Sep 1944 - May 1945)

Generalleutnant Karl Weisenberg and General der Infanterie Dr. Lothar Rendulic in 1944
(Courtesy of Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Germany)

Sources used

Georg Tessin - Verbände und Truppen der deutschen Wehrmacht 1933-1945
Gordon Williamson - German Mountain & Ski Troops 1939-45

Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -

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