W.B. Südost was established by Führerweisung Nr. 31 from 9 June 1941. This HQ simultaneously was serving as the commander of the highest Heer force in the area, the 12. Armee, and was meant to be the highest Armed Forces Commander allover Southeast Europe.
With Führerweisung Nr. 47 from 28 December 1942 the military command structure in the Balcan was reorganised. In fact and at first glance just organisational changes and renamings were ordered thereby, but mainly it was a reaction to the increasing partisan activity in the Southeast. W.B. Südost was redesignated Oberbefehlshaber Südost (OB Südost), whereas the new Heeresgruppe E was built from AOK 12.


Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm List (9 June 1941 – 15 Oct 1941) (1)
General der Pioniere Walter Kuntze (29 Oct 1941 – 2 July 1942)
Generaloberst Alexander Löhr (3 July 1942 – 31 Dec 1942) (2)

Chiefs of Staff

Oberst Hermann Foertsch (June 1941 - 31 Dec 1942)

Operations Officers (Ia)

Oberst Josef Kübler (June 1941 - June 1941)
Unknown (June 1941 - 10 Nov 1941)
Oberstleutnant Robert Macher (10 Nov 1941 - 15 July 1942)
Oberst Hans-Joachim Schipp von Branitz (15 July 1942 - 31 Dec 1942)



Order of battle

Befehlshaber Serbien
Befehlshaber Saloniki-Ägäis
Befehlshaber Süd-Griechenland


(1) Wilhelm List resigned due to an illness
(2) Alexander Löhr simultaneously commanded [m.d.F.b.] 12. Armee

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