by John Mulholland


Divisions Affiliated with Wkr.IX:
1 Pz, 7 Pz, 9, 15, 19 VG, 20 Pz, 29 PzGR, 52, 82, 95, 129, 159, 169, 179 Res Pz, 189, 201 Sec, 214, 239, 232, 251, 299, 319, 328, 339, 345 Res PzGR, 346, 356, 363, 377, 379, 382 Trg, 409 Rep, 559 VG, 566 VG, 709

Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen IX (Commander of Replacement Troops, Wkr.IX.)
- Aug.1939: Formed in Kassel.
Div.Nr.159 (159.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Frankfurt / Main.
- Nov.1939: Formed as 159.Division from the staff of Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen IX.
- 01 Jan.1940: Renamed Div.Nr.159 and stationed in Frankfurt/Main.
- 01 Oct.1942: Restructured as the 159.Res.Div. It left its Replacement units behind, and was sent to France.
- Sep.1044: Upgraded to 159.Infanteriedivision of the Feldheer.
Order of Battle – Apr.1940 :
Inf.Ers.Reg.9 (Inf.Ers.Btl.57, 116, 181)
Inf.Ers.Reg.15 (Inf.Ers.Btl.81, 88, 367)
Inf.Ers.Reg.214 (Inf.Ers.Btl.106, 388)
Inf.Ers.Reg.251 (Inf.Ers.Btl.36, 355, 471)

Div.Nr.179 (179.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Weimar.
- 05 Jan.1940: Formed as Div.Nr.179.
- 27 Apr.1942: The division was motorized and became Div.Nr.179 (mot.) controlling all the Schnelletruppen in Wkr.IX.
- 05 Apr.1943: Renamed Pz.Div.Nr.179 (179.Panzer Replacement and Training Division).
- 30 Jul.1943: Restructured as the 179.Res.Pz.Div. It was then sent to the Laval area of western France.
- Mar.1944: Used, along with remnants of the 16.Pz.Div., to form the 116.Pz.Div.
- May 1944: The 179th was officially dissolved.
Order of Battle – Apr.1942 :
Schtz.Ers.Reg.81 (Schtz.Ers.Btl.1, 6, 12)
Inf.Ers.Rgt.72 (mot.) (Inf.Ers.Btl.71, 86, 187, 451)
Inf.Ers.Rgt.52 (Inf.Ers.Btl.15, 163, 459)

Div.Nr.189 (189.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Kassel.
- Sep.1939: Formed as Div.Nr.189
- 26 Sep.1942: Restructured as the 189.Res.Div. while stationed in Friedberg, it was sent to France shortly afterwards but lost its Replacement units to Div.Nr.409.
- Dec.1942: Upgraded to 189.Infanteriedivision while retreating from the fighting in southern France.
Order of Battle – Sep.1942 :
Res.Gren.Reg.9 (Res.Gren.Btl.57,116,181,355)
Res.Gren.Reg.15 (Res.Gren.Btl.88,163,431,459)

Div.Nr.409 (409.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Kassel / Marlburg.
- 25 Oct.1939: Formed as Div.Stb.z.b.V.409, in Kassel, to control the operations of the Wkr.IX Landeschützen (Militia) units.
- 01 Oct.1942: Upgraded to Div.Nr.409, stationed in Kassel, and took over the Replacement functions of the departing 159.Res.Div. and 189.Res.Div.
- 1944: The 409th, like other 400 series divisions, resumed its Training functions again.
Order of Battle - Mar.1940:
Ldschtz.Reg.Stab 93  
(Ldschtz.Btl.602, 603, 604, 606, 608, 609, 612, 613, 614, 615, 616)
Order of Battle – Dec.1943 :
Gren.Ers.Reg.519 (Gren.Ers.Btl.57, 88, 116, 181, 355, 451, 459)
Gren.Ers.Reg.529 (Gren.Ers.Btl.36, 81, 106, 205, 367, 388, 471)

Div.Nr.469 (469.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Eisenach.
- 24 Sep.1944: Formed as Div.Stb.z.b.V.469 in Eisenach and presumably upgraded to Div.Nr.469 at a later date.
Order of Battle – Sep.1942 :
Heeres-Uffz.Schule Eisenach   
Heeres-Uffz.Schule Weimar   
Heeres-Uffz.Schule Jena


Div.Stb.z.b.V.429 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 21 Oct.1939: Formed
- Mar.1943: The division was officially dissolved.
Order of Battle - Mar.1940:
Ldschtz.Reg.33 (Ldschtz.Btl.312, 317, 356, 602, 662)

Div.Stb.z.b.V.608 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 22 Nov.1944: Formed from the staff of the 82.Infanteriedivision of Heeresgruppe “A” (Army Group A).
Order of Battle - Feb.1945:
Brig.Stab z.b.V.100  
Gren.Reg.Stab Hellbach  
Gren.Reg.Stab Peter  
SS-Genesenden-Btl.6 (mot.)  
3 Alarm-Btl.  
6 Volkssturm-Btl.

Div.Stb.z.b.V.610 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 26 Jan.1945: Formed

382. Feldausbildungsdivision (382.Field Training Division)
- Sep.1942: Staff formed in Wkr.IX with the remainder coming from Wkr.III-IV-IX-XIII-XVII. The division was formed to supply Training functions for Heeresguppe “B” (Army Group B).
- Feb.1943: The division was officially dissolved.
Order of Battle:
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-) Division 617
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-) Division 618
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-) Division 619
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-) Division 620

Fld-Ers.Div.“C” (Field Replacement Division “C”)
- Aug.1941: Formed, in Wkr.IX, to assist with the Replacements to the Ostheer (literally “East Army”).
- Oct.1941: Unit returned to Wkr.IX and was dissolved, later to be reformed in Jan.1942.
Order of Battle – 1941 :
Feldersatz-Regiment C/1
Feldersatz-Regiment C/2
Feldersatz-Regiment C/3
Feldersatz-Regiment C/4
Feldersatz-Regiment C/5

Ersatz- Brigade 201 (201.Replacement and Training Brigade)
-  Jun.1941: Formed, in Fulda, it supplied replacements to Heeresgruppe Nord (Army Group North).
- Jul.1942: Transferred to the Generalgouvernement, it also performed occupation duties.
- Jan.1942: Transferred to the rear area of Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre).
- Feb.1942: Reformed as Sicherungsbrigade 201 (201st Security Brigade).

Kommandeur der Panzertruppen IX (Commander of Armored Troops, Wkr.IX.)
- Aug.1943: Formed to absorb the Replacement units of the departing 179.Res.Pz.Div.
- Apr./May 1944: The staff was renamed Stab Panzer-Grenadier-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment 81 (Staff: 81st Armored Infantry Replacement and Training Regiment). At the same time Kdr.d.Pz.Trpn.IV was transferred into Wkr.IX to lend assistance and to take over as Kommandeur der Panzertruppen IX.

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