The below list includes all known recipients of high awards in the HitlerJugend (HJ).
For high awards holder of the Waffen-SS division called HJ, see 12. SS-Panzer-Division Hitlerjugend.

German Cross in Gold

Krause, Rudolf ("Rudi"), 08.05.1945, Leutnant d.R., Führer Panzerjagdkommando Krause
[= formation (and sent into action by) of HJ-Gebietsführer 5, Stettin (HJ-Gebiet Pommern, Gebietsfhr. Gerd Wegner)]
[action at PYRITZ, southeast of STETTIN, 1.-9. Feb 45 ; attached to Kampfgruppe Weiss / XXXII. AK / Pz.AOK 3 ; Kgr. Weiss attached to : Division "Denecke" (or "Gruppe Denecke") until 7 Feb 45 ; 4. SS-Pol.-Pz.Gren.Div. since 7 Feb 45]

Knight's Cross of the War Merit Cross

HJ-Gebietsführer [Sachsen] (Stabsführer der HJ , Stellvertreter des Reichsjugendführers) Helmut Möckel 11.02.1945 mS

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