(Ministry of Armaments and War Production)

Reichsminister für Bewaffnung und Kriegsproduktion (Albert Speer)
Secretary of State (Schulze-Fielitz)
Bureaucratic Organisation
- Central Office (Liebel)
- Armament Office (Waeger)
- Economic and Financial Matters (Dr. K.A. Hettlage)
Production Departments
- Raw Materials (Hans Kehrl)
- Armament Supplies (Dr. Walther Schieber)
- Engineering in Relation to Finished Combat Materials (Saur)
- Production of Consumption Goods (Ing. Seebauer)
- Building (Stobbe-Dethleffsen)
- Power Supply (Schulze-Fielitz)
Self-Government Sector
- Armed Forces and General Equipment (Wilhelm Zangen)
- Armored Vehicles and Tractors (Ing. Walter Rohland)
-- Armored Vehicle Commission (Dr. Porsche and Guderian)
- Shipbuilding
- Munitions (Prof. Dr. Albert Wolff)
- Aircraft Hulls (Ing. Karl Frydag)
- Aircraft Engines
- Aircraft Equipment
- Engines (Dr. Wilhelm Werner)
- Machines (Karl Lange)
- Electrical Installations (Dr. Lueschen)
- Rail Vehicles (Gerhard Degenkolb)
- Wood Construction and Barracks
- Building Construction (Ing. Bruno Gaertner)
- Power and Explosives
- Committee for Armament Trade (Hommel)
- Rüstungskontrol (Dr. Hettlage)
- Generatorkraft A.G.
- Festkraftstoff A.G.
- Heeres-Rüstungskredit A.G.

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