W. Wachabteilung (Guard unit)
W. Waffen-SS
Wa. Abn Waffenabnahme (Weapons acceptance group)
Wa. Btl. Wach Batallion (Guard Battalion)
Waff.Sch. Waffen Schule (Weapons School)
Wa Prüf (Weapons/ Equipment Testing)
Wa. Rgt. Wach Regiment (Guard Regiment)
Wass. Vers. Kp. Wasser-Versorgungs-Kompanie (Water Purification Company)
Wa. Z. Zentral-Amtsgruppe des Heereswaffenamts (Army Ordnance Central Office)
WB Wehrmacht Befehlshaber (Commander of the Armed Forces)
W.B.K. Wehrbezirkskommando (Armed Forces recruiting district)
WE. Weltanschauung (world view or outlook)
WE. Weltanschauliche Erziehung (world view, outlook or political science education)
W.E.A. Wehrersatzamt (Armed Forces Replacement [Conscription and Recruiting] Office)
WE-F. weltanschaulicher Führer (world view or outlook leader; political science leader)
W.E.J. Wehrersatzinspektionen (Armed Forces Replacement Inspectorate)
WEL. Wehrertüchtigungslager
Wehrm. Bef. Wehrmacht Befehlshaber (Armed Forces commander)
Wehrwirtsch. Wehrwirtschaft (Armed Forces Economics)
Werf. Abt. Werfer-Abteilung (Rocket Launcher Battalion)
Werf. Battr. Werfer-Abteilung (Rocket Launcher Battery)
Werf. Lehr-Rgt. Werfer-Abteilung (Rocket Launcher Demonstration Regiment)
Werf. Rgt. Werfer-Abteilung (Rocket Launcher Regiment)
Werf. Rgt. z.b.V. Werfer-Abteilung (Special Rocket Launcher Regiment)
We. Sist. Wehrmacht-Sichtungstelle (Armed Forces Captured Documents Exploitation Center)
Wett. Peilzg. Wetter-Peil-Zug (Meteorological Platoon)
W.F.St. Wehrmachtführungsstabes (Armed Forces Operations Staff)
W.H. Wehrmachthaushaltsabteilung (Armed Forces Budget Branch)
WHW Winterhilfswerk (Winter Relief Program)
Wi. Wehrwirtschaftsamt (Armed Forces Economic Office)
W.J.Rü W.u.G. Amtsgruppe für Industrielle Rüstung – Waffen und Gerät (Armed Forces Economic Office Departmental Group for Industrial Production - Group for Weapons and Equipment Manufacture)
WK Wehrkreis (Military District)
WKr Wehrkreis (Military District)
W.K.W. Wehrmachtkraftfahrwesens (Armed Forces Motor Transportation)
Wl. [Reichsgau] Wartheland (German administrative region, now in Poland)
Wm. [Reichsgau] Westmark
W.N.V. Wehrmachtnachrichtenverbindung (Armed Forces Signal Communications)
W.N.V./Fu. Wehrmachtnachrichtenverbindung, Abteilung Funkwesen (Armed Forces Signal Communications, Radio Branch)
W.N.V./K.F. Wehrmachtnachrichtenverbindung, Kriegsfernmelde-Abteilung (Armed Forces Signal Communications, Wire Communications Branch)
WO Wachoffizier (Watch Officer)
W.P.A. Wehrpolitisches Amt der NSDAP (Military Politics Department of the NSDAP)
W.R. Wehrmachtrechtsabteilung (Armed Forces Judge Advocate General's office)
W. San. Wehrmachtsanitätswesens (Armed Forces Surgeon General's office)
W-SS. Waffen-SS (Armed SS)
W. Str. D. Wehrmachtstreifendienstes (Armed Forces Patrol Service, responsible for troops away from their units)
Wthld. [Reichsgau] Wartheland (German administrative region, now in Poland)
W.u.G. Waffen und Gerät (Weapons and Equipment)
württ. Württembergische (of or pertaining to the German province of Württemberg)
W.V. Wehrmachtverwaltung (Armed Forces Administration)
WVD Wehrmachtverkehrsdirektion (Armed Forces Transport Directorates)
WVHA SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt (SS Economics and Administration Main Office)
W.Z.A. Wehrmachtzentralamt (Armed Forces Central Office)

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