30 January - Machergreifung
(Day of the Seizure of Power)
Adolf Hitler was elected Kanzler on 30 January 1933.

24 February - Parteigründungsfeier
(Foundation Day of the NSDAP)
The NSDAP received its name 1 April 1920 but 24 February 1920 was chosen as the Foundation day.

16 March - Heldengedenktag
(National Day of Mourning)
Germans who had been killed in action was remembered this day.

20 April - Führergeburtstag
(Hitler's Birthday)
Adolf Hitler was born 20 April 1889.

1 May - Nationaler Feiertag des Deutschen Volkes
(National Labor Day)
The nazis "stole" this traditionally socialist holiday.

May, second sunday - Muttertag
(Mothering Sunday)
Mothers with many children were celebrated on this day.

Summer - Sommersonnenwende
(Day of Summer Solstice)

September - Reichsparteitage
(Reich Party Rally)
Huge nazi rallies were held every year in Nürnberg.

Autumn - Erntedanktag
(Havrest Thanksgiving Day)
The harvest and the german farmer was celebrated.

9 November - Gedenktag für die Gefallenen der Bewegung
(Anniversary of the Beer-Hall Putch)
The martyrs of the 1923 Putch was celebrated.

Winter - Wintersonnenwende
(Day of the Winter Solstice)

24 December - Volksweinacht
An attempt to replace the christian christmas.

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