Jalkaväkirykmentti 13 (Infantry Regiment 13)

From late 1941 until the end of the Continuation War Jalkaväkirymentti 13 had a company Swedish volunteers.

Note. This unit history covers the Continuation War unit with this name, there was no continuity between similarly numbered regiments during in the Winter War and Continuation War.


eversti Emil Hagelberg (15 June 1941 - 12 Aug 1941) (1)
eversti Kaarlo Vaala (21 Aug 1941 - 5 Mar 1942)
eversti Viktor Sundman (9 Mar 1942 - 13 April 1942)
everstiluutnantti Runo Wiberg (10 May 1942 -?) (2)

Notable members

Filip Rytterås (aka Filip Olsson, author of "Frivillig soldat")


1. Killed in action.
2. Promoted to eversti on 6 August 1942.

Sources used

Mikko Kohvakka - Jatkosodan suomalaisjoukot ja niiden komentajat

Reference material on this unit

Filip Rytterås - Frivillig soldat
Nicolas von Schmidt-Laussitz - Svenskarna vid Jandeba: Svenska frivilligkompaniet 1942-1944

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