Suomen Marsalkka Reichsmarschall (honorary rank)
Sotamarsalkka Generalfeldmarschall
Kenraali Generaloberst
Kenraaliluutnantti Generalleutnant
Kenraalimajuri Generalmajor
Eversti Oberst
Everstiluutnantti Oberstleutnant
Majuri Major
Kapteeni Hauptmann
Luutnantti Oberleutnant
Luutnantti Leutnant
Kadetti (1) -
Vänrikki Fähnrich
Lentomestari Stabsfeldwebel
Vääpeli Oberfeldwebel
Ylikersantti Feldwebel
Upseerikokelas (2) -
Kersantti Unterfeldwebel
Alikersantti Unteroffizier
Upseerioppilas (3) -
Korpraali Gefreiter
Sotamies Schütze


1. Kadetti (Cadet) is a person at the Cadet School (National Defence College today). His rank is between Fähnrich and Leutnant and when graduating a rank of Leutnant was given during the war.
2. Upseerikokelas is a person who has graduated from the Reserve Officer School and serves the final parts of his conscription service at some unit. After that he will be nominated as Vänrikki. The rank of Upseerikokelas is between Unterfeldwebel and Feldwebel.
3. Upseerioppilas is the student at the Reserve Officer School. His rank is between Gefreiter and Unterofficer.

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