Lentorykmentti 1(Flying Regiment 1) was formed from Lentoasema 5  (Flying Station 5) on 1 January 1938. It was disbanded just before the Continuation War on 22 June 1941 and its component squadrons operated independently. HQ was used to form Täydennyslentorykmentti (Supplementary Flying Regiment). The regiment was reformed on 3 May 1942 and operated well into the post-war period, until all flying regiments were disbanded on 1 December 1952 and most of them formed into air commands (lennosto). Lentorykmentti 1 became the new 2. Lennosto, which was renamed Satakunnan Lennosto  at the beginning of 1957. It continues to operate by that name to this day.

Lentorykmentti 1 was a mixed flying regiment which during the WWII had recon, communication and fighter units under its command.


eversti Yrjö Opas (1 Jan 1938 - 14 Mar 1940)
everstiluutnantti Jouna Alameri (14 Mar 1940 - 20 May 1940)
everstiluutnantti Viljo Rekola (20 May 1940 - 22 June 1941)
everstiluutnantti Viljo Rekola (1) (3 May 1942 - post-war period)

Order of battle

Order of battle (Winter War)

10. Squadron
12. Squadron
14. Squadron
16. Squadron

Order of battle (Continuation War)
12. Squadron
32. Squadron


1. Viljo Rekola was promoted to eversti in 1943.

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Reference material on this unit

Kalevi Keskinen & Kari Stenman - LeR 1

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