(Lička oružnička udarna bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed in early 1942 (c. 1 March?) in Gospić. (1)

Operational History

Mar 42: Bn. HQ in Gospić with 1st – 4th Co.
24 Mar 42: carried out an unsuccessful operation against strong Partisan positions in the mountains near Siroka Kula to the northeast of Gospić.
2 Jun 42: fought a brief skirmish with Partisan Battalion “Božidar Adžija” near Siroka Kula with light losses.


Satnik Stjepan Milinković (? - ?) Mar 1942


1. [Vojnoistorijski institute] - Zbornik dokumenata i podataka o narodnooslobodilačkom ratu jugoslovenskih naroda, Tom V/3, pp.548-52; V/5, p.584.

Reference material on this unit

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