(35. pripremna ustaška bojna “Pokuplje”)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed in Karlovac, the seat of Velika Župa Pokuplje, in February 1942 with 600 to 900 men. The Battalion was next identified on 26 Oct 42 in Kostanjevac near Jastrebarsko with a small detachment in Krašić. Total strength was given as approximately 350 men. On 16 November it was still in Kostanjevac, but in late December most of the Battalion relocated to Krašić to reinforce the defense of the town. There it was destroyed on 1 January 1943 in heavy fighting with the 8th Division NOVJ. The remnants were rounded up in Karlovac during January, and on 21 Feb 43 it was determined that the survivors had such low morale that the Battalion would probably never again be fit for operational employment of any sort. Over the next few months the men were reassigned to other Ustasha units as replacements and the Battalion was disbanded. (1)


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