by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed summer 1941 in Nevesinje/40 km east of Mostar. (1)

Operational History

Dec 41: in Nevesinje in a strength of 300 men.
1942-44: not mentioned in the surviving records, but evidently existed.
15-31 Dec 44: during fighting around the town in the last two weeks of December, the Nevesinje militia reported 100 Partisans killed, 200 wounded and 40 captured for a loss of only 2 killed and 10 wounded.
28 Jan 45: the Detachment was still holding villages around Nevesinje (e.g., Lakat and Hrušta among others).


1. Vrančić, Vjekoslav - Postrojenje i Brojčano Stanje Hrvatskih Oružanih Snaga u Godinama 1941-1945, in: Godišnjak hrvatsko domobrana 1953 (Buenos Aires: 1953); [Vojnoistorijski institute] - Zbornik dokumenata i podataka o narodnooslobodilačkom ratu jugoslovenskih naroda, Tom V/37, pp.709 and 744.

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