(II. samovozna bojna) (second formation)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed between November 1941 and mid-1942 in either Slavonski Brod or Banja Luka in the II Corps region. (1)

3 Jan 43: 4th Motor Transport Co. in Banja Luka tactically under the German Kleine Kraftwagenkolonne/714. Inf.Div.; said to have its own workshop and 26 garage spaces.
10 Feb 43: 4th Motor Transport Co. noted as still being in Banja Luka.
Aug 44: HQ Bosanski Brod - Battalion said to be supporting operations in the Ludbreg – Varaždin area.
16 Sep 44: 4th Motor Transport Co. still in Banja Luka - had 40 drivers and mechanics and 14 motor vehicles.
1945: Battalion HQ repeatedly identified in Bosanski Brod through March 1945.


Podpukovnik Krvarić (? - ?) 1943-1944
Podpukovnik Ganberger (Gamberger?) (? - ?) Aug 1944


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