(IX. topnički sklop)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Ordered formed 21 July 1941 in Mostar for assignment to the Jadranska Territorial Division. (1)

Operational History

20 Oct 41: Mostar area assigned to 6th Infantry Division with Group HQ, 1st – 3d Batteries and 4th (HQ) Battery.
Jan 42: now in Sarajevo - provided artillery support for Operation “Süd-Kroatien.”
16-25 Apr 42: Group furnished support for Operation “Trio” along the Drina River.
5-12 May 42: took part in Operation “Foča.”
3-22 Jun 42: participated in Operation “Zenica – Zavidovići.”
Jul 42: took part in Operation “Kreševo.”
24-28 Aug 42: Group elements supported Operation “S” near Vlasenica.
Sep 42: still in Sarajevo.
Oct 42: supported Operations “Jajce I” and “Jajce II.”
29 Nov – 6 Dec 42: elements took part in Operation “Jajce III.”
16-23 Dec 42: participated in Operation “Travnik.”
18 Feb 43: reassigned to 4th Jäger Brigade effective this date.
20 Feb – 2 Mar 43: elements supported Operation “Konjic.”
21 Aug 43: reorganized in Sarajevo with HQ, HQ Battery and 1st and 2d Batteries for assignment to 2d Mountain Brigade.
Sep – Oct 43: in Rogatica attached to 6th Mountain Rgt./2d Mountain Brig.
1 Mar 44: now in Hadžići near Sarajevo with 6th Mountain Rgt./2d Mountain Brig.
4 Sep 44: in Pazarić attached to 9th Mountain Rgt./2d Mountain Brigade and still there on 21 November.
Dec 44 – Apr 45: Sarajevo – Konjic area under 2d Mountain Brigade/9th Croatian Mountain Division with HQ and 1st – 3d Batteries.


Podpukovnik Vladimir Nepl (? - ?) Sep 1942, Aug 1943


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