(II. domobranski zbor)
From 14 August 1943: II Territorial Corps (II. Zbornog područja)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 1 November 1941 with headquarters in Slavonski Brod and responsible for the districts (Župa) of Baranja (Osijek), Vuka (Vukovar), Livac and Zapolje (Nova Gradiška), Posavlje (Slavonski Brod), Sana and Luka (Banja Luka) and Usor and Soli (Tuzla), all located in the eastern part of Croatia. This alignment did not change until March 1945. (1)


General Djuro Iser (1 Nov 1941 - c. Oct 1943)
General Matija Čanić (26 Oct 1943 - ? Jan 1944)
General Franjo Pacak (c. Feb 1944 - c. 15 Mar 1945)


1. Colić, Mladen - Takozvana Nezavisna Država Hrvatska 1941, pp.236-38; several miscellaneous entries from primary documents.

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