by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed August 1941 in Osijek to exercise command and control over the para-military formations of the German National Group (Volksgruppe) in Croatia. It remained in Osijek until it was disbanded in April 1943. (1)


Obstlt.d.ES und Ust. Dopukovnik Jakob Lichtenberger (Aug 1941 - Apr 1943)

Order of Battle (15 March 1943)

Stab in Osijek
Verfügungsbataillon “Prinz Eugen”
1. Bereitschaftsbataillon “Ludwig von Baden”
2. Bereitschaftsbataillon “General Laudon”
3. Bereitschaftsbataillon “Maximilian Emanuel von Bayern”
Ersatzbataillon/ES der DM
Kompanie “May”/ES der DM
Kompanie “Zikmund”/ES der DM
Kradschützenzug z.b.V./ES der DM

Principal Staff Officers

Obstlt.d.ES Willibald Keller - chief of the Organisations-Abt. in HQ ES der DM
Obstlt. d.ES Matheis - chief of the “German Branch” in HQ MINORS in Zagreb
Hptm.d.ES Linhardt - chief administrative officer in HQ ES der DM
Hptm.d.ES Huda - staff officer in HQ ES der DM
Hptm.d.ES Speiser - staff officer in HQ ES der DM

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