The Lettische SS-Freiwilligen-Brigade was formed from Lativan volunteers based on a cadre from 2. SS-Infanterie-Brigade (mot) and manpower from Schutzmannschaft-Bataillon 16, 19, 21, 24 and 26.
It was redesignated 2. Lettische SS-Freiwilligen-Brigade in October 1943.

Alex Kurzem was a Belorussian orphan who was taken as a mascot of sorts by the Latvian Schutzmannschaft Bataillon 18 in 1942, the battalion was later one of the units used to form the Lettische SS-Freiwilligen-Brigade. According to the book published by his son he was actually a Jewish boy but this was not known by the Latvians, near the end of the war he unit handed him over to a Latvian family who ended up in Australia as refugees. (1)


SS-Standartenführer Hinrich Schuldt (18 May 1943 - 31 July 1943)
SS-Oberführer Fritz Freitag (? 1943 - 18 Aug 1943)
SS-Oberführer Hinrich Schuldt (3 Sep 1943 - 22 Oct 1943)

Chief of staff

SS-Sturmbannführer Zeidler (18 May 1943 - ? July 1943)
SS-Sturmbannführer Lenze (? July 1943 - 22 Oct 1943)

Order of battle

1. Lettischhes Infanterie-Regiment
- I. Btl. (Schuma-Btl. 21)
- II. Btl. (Schuma-Btl. 19)
- III. Btl. (Schuma-Btl. 16)
2. Lettischhes Infanterie-Regiment
- I. Btl. (Schuma-Btl. 24)
- II. Btl. (Schuma-Btl. 18)
- III. Btl. (Schuma-Btl. 26)
- 13. Kompanie
- 14. Kompanie
I. Lettische SS-Artillerie-Abteilung
1. Lettische Pionier-Kompanie


1. "The Mascot: Unraveling the Mystery of My Jewish Father's Nazi Boyhood" by Mark Kurzem

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Reference material on this unit

Rolf Michaelis - Latvians in the Ordnungspolizei and Waffen-SS
Arthur Silgailis - Latvian Legion
Hans Stöber - Die Lettischen Divisionen Im VI. SS-Armeekorps

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