6. Infantry Division Bdin was one of the pre-war peace-time divisions. Mobilised on 10 April 1941 and sent to Macedonia, where it stays until 05 August 1941.

Again mobilised as part of 1. Corps in Yugoslavia from 13 January 1942 to 15 June 1942, containing 3rd, 15th and 35th infantry regiments, 2nd divisional artillery regiment and 6th cavalry division (battalion). In June 1942 replaced by 9. division and demobilised again.

Mobilised third time in May 1944 in two regiments - 15th and 35th and stationed in Prokplje, Yugoslavia. Retreats to old Bulgarian borders on 10 September 1944. Reattached to the newly formed 1. Corps on 14 September 1944 with 1st army reserve regiment, 15th regiment, 35th regiment, 2nd divisional arty regiment and the usual regular divisional sub-units (all 6th) - one pioneer, one communication, one ATG, one rear supply, one transport battalions and one MP squadron. Forms part of 2. Army on 21 September 1944. Fights in Nisha nd Kosovo operations until 21 November 1944. Demobilised in December 1944.


Col. Nikola Alexiev (10 Apr 1941 - 1 Nov 1941)
Col. Ivan Marinov (1 Nov 1941 - 04 June 1942)
Maj. General Nikola Boev (04 June 1942 - 16 Oct 1943)
Maj. General Rafail Banov (16 Oct 1943 - 13 Sep 1944)
Col. Marcho Marchev (14 Sep 1944 - 15 Dec 1944)

Honor titles

Bdin is the old name of Vidin, Bulgaria.

Order of battle

3rd Infantry "Bdin" Regiment
   Nov 1940 - Jan 1941 - part of the Screening Front, facing Turkey
   Apr 1941 - July 1942 - stationed in Skopie, Macedonia and Krusevac, Serbia
   In September 1944 at peacetime strength fights Axis forces near Vidin and Kula, Bulgaria.
     Col. Mihail Angelov (1942)
     Lt.-Col. Simeon Indjev (since 14 Sep 1944)
15th Infantry "Lom" Regiment
  1941 - Macedonia
   1942 - Yugoslavia (see above)
   1944 - Yugoslavia (see above)
     Lt.-Col. Najden Shushulov (14 Sep 1944 - 27 Nov 1944)
    Col. Ivan Kehayov (27 Nov 1944 - )
35th Infantry "Vratza" Regiment
   Same as 15th
     Col. Georgi Konsulov (14 Sep 1944 - 27 Nov 1944)
     Col. Najden Shushulov (28 Nov 1944 - )
2nd divisional arty regiment
   Same as above.
     Col. Dimitar Popdimitrov (Oct 1944 -)
1st army reserve regiment (1)
   Formed on 22 Sep 1944. Relocated to 6th division. Demobilised on 10.12.1944.
   Commander - col. Asen Rumenov


1. Not to be confused with the 1st army reserve regiment of the 1st Bulgarian Army that fought within 3rd Ukrainian front in 1945. The one there is the renamed 2nd army reserve regiment, mobilised on 10.01.1945 and renamed as 1st army reserve regiment.

Officers of 15. Infantry Lom Regiment in Belogradchik 1941
(Courtesy of Borislav Toshev)

15th Infantry Lom Regiment (Oberst Kehayov) and the Germans under the command of Major Baron von Bischoffshausen
(Courtesy of Borislav Toshev)   

Sources used

Research by Dimitar Boykov
George F. Nafziger - Bulgarian Order of Battle in World War II

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