The Waffen-Grenadier Regiment der SS (bulgarisches Nr 1) was formed when Bulgaria joined the allies in September 1944. It was made up of 500 - 600 Bulgarian workers and soldiers who were in Germany at the time and was willing to keep fighting with Germany. This unit was reformed as the SS Panzer-Zerstörer-Regiment (bulgarisches) in April 1945.
The Germans hoped this unit would form the basis of a Waffen-Grenadier Division der SS (bulgarische Nr 1) but that never happend.


SS-Standartenführer Günter Alhalt (13 Nov 1944 - ? 1944)
SS-Oberführer Heinz Bertling (? 1945 - ? 1945)
SS-Oberführer Bogosanow (? 1945 - ? 1945)
SS-Oberführer Rogosaroff (? 1945 - ? 1945)

Order of battle

I. Bataillon
II. Bataillon

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Reference material on this unit

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