21. Infantry Division was formed in November 1941 in Pirot, Yugoslavia. In January 1942 relocated to Nis. Consisted of 2nd motorized light regiment with 2 battalions, 1st battalion of 50th Inf. Regiment, two arty battalions - total of 4425 men. Disbanded on 30 March 1943.


Col. Georgi Manev (1941)
Col. Anton Baltakov (1942)

Order of battle

2nd motorized light regiment
   Part of 21. Division from 01 January 1942 to 09 June 1942.
   In 1943 is part of the Screening Front facing Turkey.
   Particpated in the first phase of the 1944 war against the Axis as part of 2. Cavalry Division.
     Lt.-Col. Todor Popov
50th Nisava Infantry Regiment
   Formed on 20 June 1941 in Dragoman, Bulgaria as Pirot Battalion to be stationed in Pirot.
   In January 1942 renamed to 1/50 Nisava Battalion, in March 1943 to 3/50 Nisava Battalion.
   In 1944 3/50 is mobilized and expanded to 50th Nisava Regiment.
   Participated in the first phase of the 1944 war against the Axis as part of 1. Infantry Division.

Sources used

Research by Dimitar Boykov
George F. Nafziger - Bulgarian Order of Battle in World War II

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