A SS-Sonderbataillon Kommandostab Reichsführer-SS (sometimes listed with the same name as the Bataillon der Waffen-SS z.b.V., Sonderbataillon z.b.V. Kommandostab Reichsführer-SS or Waffen-SS Bataillon z.b.V.) was formed in June 1941 from SS-Infanterie-Regiment 14 and was attached to the Kommandostab RFSS. Its platoons were attached to the different Einsatzgruppen and it did not funtion as a unifed unit. The staff was disbanded in August 1941 though the name appears to have been used for some time after this.


SS-Sturmbannführer Friedrich Dern

Known war crimes

It was involved in numerous massacres of civilians while attached to the Einsatzgruppen. (1)


1. "Murderous Elite: The Waffen-SS and its complete record of war crimes" by James Pontolillo.

Sources used

James Pontolillo - Murderous Elite: The Waffen-SS and its complete record of war crimes

Reference material on this unit

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